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xxfireandice's Journal

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Ginevra Molly Weasley

RES - facts
Name: Ginny
Age: 16
Grade: Sixth Year
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Clubs/Etc: Quidditch, S.P.E.W., DA

PUELLA - the girl
As far as looks go, Ginny is somewhat on the shorter side. She has bright brown eyes and long red hair. And of course, she has inherited the common Weasley trait of freckles.

Ginny had a somewhat tumultuous childhood. Although she was raised in a very loving (and very large) family, she went through a series of dark events when she entered Hogwarts. She was possessed by Voldemort through Tom Riddle's diary during her very first year at school, and is the only other person to have survived such a thing to Harry Potter's knowledge, other than himself.

Upon entering Hogwarts, Ginny seemed to be somewhat shy and quiet. This was mostly due to the fact that she had a crush on Harry, but we later find out from Hermione Granger that during Ginny's third year she "gave up" on Harry, which in turn allowed her to get past her shyness and be seen for the outgoing, strong and fiesty young girl that she truly was.

When she was younger, her brothers would not allow her to play Quidditch with them. Unbeknownst to them, the determined little Ginny broke into the broom shed when they weren't around and practiced on each of their brooms. Ginny was a good sneak; she was not caught by any of her brothers who were shocked to find that she was so good when she was accepted onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team at the age of fourteen. She has been involved in many a Quidditch game since then and is known to have a bit of a tomboyish streak, which is not surprising considering she has six challenging brothers.

Ginny can also be a bit stubborn, but is a very good witch and also has particular talent in casting a good Bat-Bogey Hex when she's crossed. She's been known to openly mock people at times (although most of them deserve it) and show a good bit of acting ability. She's dated Michael Corner in the past, but wound up breaking it off with him. More recently she dated Dean Thomas, but wound up calling that off when things with Harry got promising.

PUER - the boy
Ginny has always had a crush on Harry Potter. Harry was informed of this by her brother Ron at a young age, but it was only in Harry's 6th year did he realize he also has serious feelings about Ginny. Although their relationship seemed perfect, it was somewhat doomed from the beginning; Harry broke up with Ginny for "some stupid noble reason" at the end of his 6th year after he lost yet another loved one. He could not stand the idea of losing her too, but little did he remember that Ginny is a fighter and would come along with the trio in their search for Horcruxes.

The relationship between the two is now very difficult. They've both realized their feelings but know that it won't be possible to have a relationship until Voldemort's demise. The question is will either of them be able to take it, or will they just give up and hope that Ginny will not be one of the next on the list of Harry's lost loved ones?

AMICITIA - the friends
Her friends run far and wide. Ginny's "best" friend perhaps is Hermione Granger, in whom she confides most everything. She's also a close friend of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, two people who are not commonly on other's list of friends.

CALX - the goals
Ginny hopes desperately to help Harry, Hermione and Ron find the horcruxes that will lead to Voldemort's demise. Also, Dumbledore's death was incredibly infuriating, so she plans to make someone pay for it. She also hopes to someday aid the staff and friends of Hogwarts build back their reputation of being a good and safe school. In the distant future she of course intends to have a family, but only after establishing a good career for herself. Her dream jobs include becoming an auror and a professional Quidditch player, but in time she will of course have to choose between the two because of conflicting time schedules.

This journal is part of the Harry Potter RPG xxsectumsempra. Ginny's play-by is Cintia Dicker. The player is Emily, sil3ntsir3n.
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