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What a day!

I've made the decision that I'm not going to Hogwarts this year. Mum's initial reaction wasn't so good, but I was surprised when she said she understood. She never does... but this time she was actually reasonable-- at least for a couple of minutes. After that she immediately went into all the ways I could possibly die, be hurt, etc. etc., which was what I expected in the first place. I think she wrote a letter to Professor McGonagall, whom I am sure will be slightly more understanding. Dad hasn't been around much for me to tell him about it but I'm fairly sure he won't mention anything about impromptu deaths.. He already knows Ron isn't going back and he handled it alright.

Yesterday I wanted to play Quidditch but Ron "wasn't in the mood" and Mum didn't want us out and about in the yard like that anyway. I suppose I'd better get used to not playing, because I'm fairly sure Quidditch isn't on the list of '100 ways to kill a dark lord' (as if there were such a thing!) Unless we could take him out with a surprise bludger to the back of his head, which I doubt will work.

I think Harry and Hermione are supposed to come today, and it's about bleeding time for it too. I'm tired of Ron and his complaints of spiders in the house.. maybe Hermione can distract him.

I don't know how this will be living in the same house as Harry and not being together. I know we are both mature enough to handle it without being too bothered, but over a long period of time I'm sure it will drive us both fairly mad. We've got more important things to think of, I know, but when has that ever not been a factor? I suppose we'll just cross bridges when we come to them, as always...
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